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Miami Girl

Written in


Between the parking lot and sand

of Miami Beach

there is a small garden

a cobbled square

with an open-air shower

set against the lush, green foliage

and flowers


I’m on a stopover

enroute to South America

and I’ve settled here on a bench

in the shade of the garden

to escape the midday heat


When, suddening, floating into my frame of view

a petite young girl

a black string bikini, thong

walks up from the beach

glides across the garden

her hair and skin still wet 

from the sea


She stops under the shower head

presses the chrome button

and the soft spray of water falls

washing her body, her bare skin

as she glistens in the sun

like a lean, dark animal


She lingers in the warm air

my eyes soaking up her elegant form

her small, plump bottom

flexing and jiggling as she steps

slowing turning before me

wet under the shower

her hands moving against skin


With delicate fingers, she lifts

each small triangle of cloth

that covers her breasts

rinsing them free of salt and sand

revealing to me, for an instant

each perfect, plump nipple


Her thumbs hook under string

as she pulls her bikini bottoms

away from smooth, tanned skin


her mound of Venus, shimmering

before me

purified by water


The last spray of the shower

falls like a curtain

like waking from a daydream

and, suddenly, the show is over 

as she turns

walks over the cobbles in bare feet

crosses the garden, her body dripping

disappearing down the path

to the lot of cars


For a while, I’m left swaying

submerged by her afterimage

pulsing like ocean

during this brief stopover in my travels

this cool reprieve

from the summer sun.

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